Yamaha U1JSG2Yamaha U1JSG2

Yamaha Silent Piano U1J SG2


The U1J was designed based on Yamaha’s acclaimed U series upright acoustic piano line. Complementing the U series’ excellent tonal characteristics with exterior refinements, it features a well-polished finish that maintains the beauty of the instrument over a lifetime. Silent functionality has been added to this U1J. This is an SG2 type type Silent piano™ featuring a CFIIIS sound source.

Yamaha Silent Piano™ features a range of unique technologies that allow them to offer a touch that is astonishingly close to that of an acoustic grand piano even when in “Silent” mode.

Under each of the 88 keys is a Yamaha-unique continuous-detection grey-scale shutter key sensor. These sensors detect the movement of the keys continually, allowing natural musical expression even when the piano is in “Silent” mode.

Silent Piano™ features a quick escape system that allows the sound muting mechanism to be fitted to a grand piano without sacrificing any of the playability or musical expression demanded of such instruments in an acoustic performance.

With stereo samplings from the world-renowned CFIIIS concert grand. Yamaha’s SG2 type Silent piano™ delivers rich resonance and an element of luxury.

Polyphony is a vital feature that defines and supports the quality of the sounds that you are using. The maximum simultaneous polyphony on the SG2 type is 64 notes.

Wave memory size is key, as it defines the storage level for the sampled sound data. 30MB wave memory allows Yamaha to include longer samples, many velocity layers, key sampling for each individual key and sustain sampling.

10 voices, including harpsichord, pipe organ and strings, provide a wide range of musical expression.

The SG2 type Silent piano™ can record one song in the internal memory. Additionally, connecting commercially available USB memory to the unit allows you save recording data, and play back songs.

The SG2 type simple control unit allows you use easily to control the basic functions of recording and playing back songs.

Additional information

Cabinet Finish

Polished Ebony


Width – 152cm (60")
Height – 121cm (47 3/4")
Depth – 62cm (24 1/2")
Weight – 250kg (551lbs)


Number of Keys – 88
Key Surfaces – White – Acrylic resin
Key Surfaces – Black – Phenolic resin
Keyboard Action – Made by Yamaha

Hammer Type

U1J Special

Pedal Type

Damper / Muffler / Soft

Frame Type


Backpost Number


Caster Type

Double Iron Caster

Key Cover

Lid/Fallboard Locks – No
Soft-Close Fallboard – No

Sensor System

Key Sensor -Non contact continuous detection optical sensor
Pedal Sensor – Damper pedal: continuous detection sensor Soft pedal: ON/OFF detection sensor
Mechanism – Hammer shank stopper operated by center pedal

Digital Tone

Type – AWM Stereo Sampling
Sound engine – CFIIIS Sampling
Piano Effects – Damper pedal resonance effect

Internal Tone

Polyphony (max) – 64
Number Of Voices -10
Wave Memory – 30MB


Reverb – Room / Hall 1 / Hall 2 / Stage
Pitch Control – -65 +65cent
Preset Songs – 50 (50 greats for the Piano)
MIDI Recording/Playback – Yes


Headphones – Stereo Jack x 2
AUX IN/OUT – Mini Stereo Jack

Power Supply

Power Consumption – 8W (DC12V)
Auto Power Off – Yes