Yamaha Flute YFL-312

Yamaha have improved their manufacturing over their 35 years of flute making to incorporate hand made techniques which make their flutes reliable and made to a high standard.

  • The solid silver headjoint offers a rich sound that can be projected easily
  • The addition of a gold lip plate warms the sound even further and is cut to improve response (YFL312GL)
  • French pointed arms and drawn and curled toneholes also feature on their professional range to improve precision and response
  • New optimized pads create a better seal and improve the instruments longevity

The Yamaha 312 flute is ideal for the advancing player looking for a flute that can get them through the grades. A high level of performance can also be achieved in both solo and group work.

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Drawn and Curled

Key Types

Covered Keys

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Offset G


Sterling Silver & Nickel Silver