Yamaha Bassoon yfg-812_812cYamaha Bassoon yfg-812_812c

Yamaha Bassoon YFG 812


The 812, with a heavier body wall, features a rich, authoritative sound. It is ideal for players who prefer a round, warm tone, and who require the power to balance the volume of a modern symphony orchestra.


The YFG-812 (right) has a heavier 4-millimeter thick body wall, resulting in a darker tone that blends well with the modern orchestra.

The key systems on these instruments are hand-assembled by experienced craftsmen, with emphasis on superior quality and playability. A balancer and Bb key guard are standard, and a roller system and oversized left-hand thumb key facilitate performace of difficult passages. The left-hand little finger key and right-hand thumb and little finger keys have been located in the most natural, comfortable positions for significantly enhanced playability, allowing the performer to focus the music not the instrument.

YFG-812 comes with FGC-802N case.


Additional information

Fingering System

Heckel system


Auxiliary Keys – High D key, 6 roller keys (low C#, low Eb, F#, Ab little finger, Ab thumb, F), Bb key guard, Balancer
Trill Keys -F-G, E-F#


Body – Long-seasoned maple (thicker wall)
Keys – Silver-plated nickel silver


Super Bocals (CN1S and CN2S)