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The Thomsun music education institutes are a microcosm of the music industry, a place where students can experience state of the art facilities with hands on education. With twelve years of experience in managing of music education institutes in Dubai the group currently has 3 institutes, located in the Wafi City, Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall and Dubai Festival City.

The Popular Music Institute and Sing & Swing Training Centre offer students an integrated music education based on best international contemporary arts practice. We provide a dynamic and progressive music-making environment that meets individual student needs through intensive one-to-one tuition, small class size and personalized attention.

Students are offered a broad choice of subject areas and specializations, enabling them to direct their own learning in pursuit of individual career interests and goals. Live music making is at the core of the institute’s activities. Professional flexibility is encouraged and is implemented through a range of student projects within the wider community and extensive collaboration with professional organizations in Dubai and the UAE.

Illustrating the philosophy and educational approach of the Institutes include:
  • Preparation for International Board Examinations.
  • A wide variety of subject areas and courses designed to evoke musicianship.
  • Practical opportunities enabling students to prepare traditional and contemporary performance events, work with visiting artists, or perform with other arts organisations.
  • Student-managed performance ensembles.
  • Personalised attention and care through one-to-one teaching.

Musicians constantly seek new ways to express themselves. A successful and exciting path in the newly emerging climate of artistic expression demands flexibility, imagination and confidence, and the ability to work creatively with others. Our Institutes have been responsible for developing outstanding young musicians and boast some of the finest facilities, equipment and educators in the region.

Our Music schools

  • Popular Music Institute (PMI)

    Thomsun’s first music institute is located in one of the most prestigious shopping malls in Dubai, the Wafi Shopping Mall. Based on extensive research and development over the years, PMI has been conducting courses on the piano, electronic keyboard, classical, acoustic, electric and bass guitar, drum-kit and percussion, violin and viola, flute, saxophone, classical and popular music vocals, and music theory.

    Students from the early are eased into music by encouraging them to listen and sing along to simple melodies, participate in activities and games, as well as dance and clap various rhythms in order to evoke the spirit of music from within them. For adults, PMI offers courses that are tailor-made for each individual keeping in mind their time and specific requirements. The genre of music they would like to play and the level they would like to aspire to be are the major criteria in determining their curriculum.

    By teaching young children as well as adults, we are able to promote the concept of family oriented music education where parents and kids learn to play instruments together. All classes are fully equipped with the respective instruments as well as many teaching and learning aids to facilitate a positive educational environment.

    The doors of the classrooms are fixed with sections of glass for observation at various point of time by the management, staff and parents.


    The location has a showroom and a music institute adjacent to each other in a fourteen thousand square ft. area. The Sing and Swing Training Centre has fifteen classrooms offering music education in piano, electronic keyboard, classical, acoustic, electric and bass guitar, drum-kit and percussion, violin and viola, flute, saxophone, classical and popular music vocals, music theory and dance.

    Dance classes are conducted in our purpose-built dance studio, which has wooden floors, dance bars and mirrors.


    Our Third Music Institute is situated in Dubai Festival City, Business Bay area. It is located just two kilometres from the Dubai International Airport This music school has fifteen classrooms which will cater for individual and group lessons.

    The third Music Institute is situated in Dubai Festival City, Business Bay area. Opened in 2011, this facility is created with the latest design layout and acoustic sensibilities for conducive classroom teaching and learning environment.

    This music school has fifteen classrooms, which will cater for individual and group lessons. International Board Examination preparation is a central feature of our education and formal examinations are conducted in all institutes twice a year.


  • Yamaha Music Foundation, Japan
  • Little Mozart
  • Trinity Guildhall, UK
  • Rock School, UK
  • London College of Music Examinations (LCM Exams)
  • British Theatre Dance Association (BTDA)

Apart from the classroom teaching and learning experience, we organise three days of student recitals per institute just prior to the summer break in the month of June and in winter during the month of December. Due to our strong presence within the music community in the UAE, there are also numerous additional performance opportunities, which we offer for students throughout the year.

Yamaha Music Education

The Yamaha Music Foundation (YMF) was established in Tokyo in 1966 with a purpose to stimulate interest in the playing and enjoyment of music amongst the people from all over the world. YMF offers courses for beginners to those who wish to acquire a high-level of music ability, with the Junior Music Course (JMC) as its core.

In 2009, Thomsun started offering students with Yamaha Music Education in Dubai, the first in the Middle East region. The first music course introduced was Junior Music Course (JMC). JMC is a six months module each for 4 semesters for children aged 4 to 5 years old. This course is based on four main characteristics namely

  • Timely Education
  • Group Lessons
  • Emphasis on Creativity
  • Using Keyboard Instrument

Students are given a comprehensive music education using Yamaha’s unique teaching methods. This well-structured course aims to develop the child’s sensitivity to music. Enrollments for the course are open twice a year- September and January.

In order to make the above course meaningful and successful, Yamaha produces its own textbooks, CD’s, DVD’s and other teaching aids. At the end of Junior Music Course, there will be an evaluation called Fundamental Skills Survey (FSS) confirming developed skills during the full course duration. This is just an evaluation process and not an exam.

Other Yamaha courses being taught at our schools are- Popular Music Course (PMC), Junior Extension Course (JXC), Yamaha Piano Course.